The entry is open!

The entry to the very first DANISH SPRING – Chase & Relay Weekend is now open!

Links to O-service (for danish clubs) and the Danish Spring entry system are on the Entry-page!

Danish Spring is created to give you three intense races in only 24 hours. Select one, two or three races at your choise. In the main relay competitions – Women and Men Open – the clubs have a great opportunity to test their runners on both night and day legs. We are eager to learn your tactics, if you will put your fast runners on night and day legs in the same or in different teams?

We will very much appreciate if you already now will express your interest by entering relay teams and also individual runners for Danish Spring Chase. Until 3. March 2012 you have the full flexibiltiy to change teams – or even delete teams or individual runners.

Danish Spring look forward to you joining us!