Day 2: More relay, more sun :-)

Another sunny day are in front of us – runners, spectators and officials are all looking forward to great orienteering in Grib Skov.
Today we have daylight-relay on the schedule, as a great finnish of yesterday’s night-relay-event. Will the winners from yesterday maintain their lead?

Winners form yesterday:

1. Lillomarka OL 1:29:59
2. NTNUI orientering 1 +0:31
3. NTNUI orientering 2 +2:53

1. Eksjö OK 1:23:14
2. OK Pan Aarhus +1:37
2. Lillomarka +2:39

Will we see another “Battle of Josephine’s” in the womens relay?
Can the Norwegian guys continue to dominate?
Or will some of the runners who did not run the night relay be on the top of the list?

Soon we will know, first start today is 10:00. Follow us on Facebook “Danish Spring”, there will be a lot of updates during the day.