Invitation/Bulletin 1 for DANISH SPRING 2013

We proudly present the complete Invitation/Bulletin 1 for DANISH SPRING 2013 – Chase & Relay weekend. Some of the highlights are:

  • 3 intense races in Gribskov’s attractive terrain.
  • DANISH SPRING Chase including WRE og new classes for all ages.
  • Double-Relay Night and Day now for all classes (MW14 excepted).
  • Spectacular ”360°”-event arena in the centre of the competition area providing start, pas­sing  and finish for almost all classes in all three races.
  • Attractive money prizes for the winners of Women and Men Open in DANISH SPRING Relay.
  • Entry fee cuts in all youth classes, Chase senior classes and all direct courses.
  • Now also direct courses Saturday evening.
  • More time for recovery between the races.
  • Snowfree or snowless terrain.
The Entry is expected to open in December 2012 and will be announced here.