As always we provide you one or more trainings at your choice. Controls will be in the forest in the period Wednesday 22 March until Friday 24 March – both days included.

We offer trainings in a range of relevant terrains in the area – see overview map – in 3 packages (of 2 courses each) plus one sprint package with 2 short courses without controls.

NOTE: Training locations and prices updated 05 March 2017.

1Package 1: Valby Hegn – DKK 50 per person

  • Training 1: Simplification – 5 km sketched map
  • Training 2: Middle distance – up to 7 km difficult orienteering

Package 2: Teglstrup Hegn – DKK 50 per person

  • Training 1: Corridor – up to 7 km with lots of corridor-orienteering
  • Training 2: Middle distance – up to 7 km difficult orienteering

2Package 3: Grønholt Vang – DKK 50 per person

  •  Training 1: Contours – around 6km contour map
  •  Training 2: Middle distance – up to 7km difficult orienteering

Sprint Package: Vapnagaard, Helsingør – DKK 30 per person

  •  Training 1: Sprint courses – 2 x 2km difficult orienteering (without controls in the terrain)

Sales and payment

From 8 March 2017, please order training packages online at Entry | Danish Spring.

Select “Training” at the club/group start page (see picture below), enter the total number of people for each training package and press “Update”.

Training packages will be sent as pdf-files to the club/group contact person, a week before Danish Spring. If you rather like to pick up printed training maps or for other questions, please contact

Payment follows together with the entry fees or pay separately by use of a banking transfer to:
Jyske Bank, Birkerød, Hovedgaden 28, DK 3460 Birkerød
DANISH SPRING – OK ØST, Reg. No .: 5028, Account No .: 1296215
IBAN no. DK29 5028 0001 2962 15, Swift code: JYBADKKK

Label the payment with the sender, club name and training.