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Startlists and GPS Tracking

Online Entries

  • Late entries open until 21 March at 14:00
  • Men and Women elite WRE: IOF Eventor (everybody entered 16 March at 18:00 take part in the seeding)
  • All other classes: Entry | Danish Spring (use password send to your club/group contact person).
  • NEW! One club may create more accounts, by adding an index to the club name, e.g. Testclub and Testclub-1. Read more below*

Entries on the race days

  • Vacant starts sold until the time of first start. Entry fees as for late entry
  • Direct courses available during the whole event. Entry fees DKK 90-110

Classes, entry limits and payment details in Bulletin 2 


“Early birds”

Everybody who entered the competition by 20 January will enjoy a free lunch at the Middle distance Saturday. Lunch comprises the popular chili con carne, cake and coffee. Get your Early Bird-ticket in the event information Saturday. See the list: “Early birds”

 * NOTE:  To make the entry process for clubs outside Denmark more flexible, we have adjusted the rules to create a new club account. As earlier we prefer that each club makes one and only one account, but if more independant groups from the same club want to entry independend, it will be possible to create more acounts for the same club. This entails that each group will have to use variations of the club name, e.g. AUS-Testclub and AUS-Testclub-1 etc. Each group will have its contact person, responsible for payment of the entry fee. If the group wants the original clubname on the result lists please contact the event center during the competion days.