Corona Virus action plan at Danish Spring


Due to the guidelines of the Danish authorities and the Danmarks Idrætsforbund (Danish Sports Federation) in relation to avoiding the spread of Coronavirus, we unfortunately have to cancel Danish Spring 2020.

We were looking forward to welcoming you all, but unfortunately it must wait until 2021.

Version: March 12, 2020


Corona Virus action plan at Danish Spring

Due to the rapid development of Corona Virus spread, Danish Spring has initiated a series of action to be able to still organise the event with high technical quality and good competition, but by implementing measures, that reduce the close contact between individuals during the event.

Furthermore, since the sprint race in Farum obviously is held in an environment with other people around, the actions at the sprint are planned to be more severe than during the middle and long distance races. In the sprint, on the other hand, we plan to take advantage of good mobile coverage to provide an interesting internet based coverage of the event.

For all three races, a maximum number of participants of 1.000 participants applies. The participants are encoraged to consult the web page from time to time since the information there may be changed over time. All participants are furthermore encouraged to study Bulletin 2 carefully, when it is launched, since more detailed information will be published there.

Actions that are already now decided for the sprint race on 27th March 2020 are:

  • All participants are encouraged to arrive at the event site a relatively short time before their start and to leave the arena shortly after they have arrived at the Finish.
  • Club tents are not allowed in the arena. A tent for participants clothing will be available at the arena and all participants are allowed to leave their belongings in a large indoor “Quarantine” room during their race. 
  • There will be no refreshments at the Finish. Please bring your own.
  • Participants in non-elite classes are allowed to keep their map after finishing the race. Please observe fair play and do not show the course to runners, who hve not yet started. In elite classes, the map will be collected after crossing the Finish line. The maps will be handed out after the last start or can be collected in the Arena of the race on Saturday.
  • There will be no speaker sound in the arena and no results display, but we plan to provide web streaming of speaker sound as well as showing live results and GPS tracking in the web page.
  • Number bibs are still used, but only in elite classes and classes M -16 and W -16
  • There will be no prize giving in the arena. Prizes are awarded at another time that will be announced later
  • We encourage potential participants to be aware of what countries are listed with Corona Virus outbreak according to the CDC List of Destinations on 12th of March and we encourage these potential participants to withdraw their entry if they will be in a country on the list in the period from 13th March until the event.
  • We ask all participants to refrain from physical contact during the event and to maintain a distance of at least one meter to other people at all times. The layout of the start is done to support this.
  • Toilets will be available at the Arena and near the start. The use of hand rubbing alcohol supplied by the organizers is mandatory. We also encourage you to bring your own hand rubbing alcohol.
  • There will be no catering or child care at the race.
  • Stay at home if you feel any symptoms of disease and please comply with the Danish regulations at all times.(Currently only in Danish, unfortunately).

By cooperating in implementing these actions, we hope to be able to show that orienteering as an individual based sport can organiser high quality events even under these challenging circumstances – as long as organisers and participants work together to care for each other.

Version: March 10, 2020