Ready for the relay challenge at Danish Spring in March!

Danish Spring Relay is going to offer both night and day relay for nearly everybody. Also all runners in both Women’s Open Relay and Men’s Open Relay are encouraged to run both night and day. We have been backstage at the course setters, Jan Jakobsen and Erik Øhlenslæger:

How have you dealt with, to run both a night and a day leg? Erik: “First Jan has outlined the varied relay courses for Sunday. My task is to make the night relay courses as different as possible from the day realy, in order not to give the night runners any advantages.”

Is Store Dyrehave able to support that objective? Erik: “Store Dyrehave is a fantastic forest to work with. I’ve been course setter at Spring Cup both in Ny Tolstrup in 2006 and in Grib Skov North in 2009 and there it was difficult to make independent the classic and relay competitions. It will be much easier in Store Dyrehave, also because of the new event concept with fewer courses.” Jan: “Difficult, detailed areas in many parts of the forest and possibilites for up to 2 km between controls, supports well to split the night and day courses. And ‘Kirkeltehus’ is going to be an perfect ‘360 degree event arena’, providing many options and though cosy and also well protected by large spruces.

What are your advice to the competitors? Erik: “The terrain has all running speeds and difficulties, so be careful especially in the night. It can get really exiting and tough. I will do my best to make a real challenge” Jan: “Don’t get wrong all the forest roads and paths – you won’t gain from them on the difficult courses!”

“See you in March!” The invitation is just “round the corner”.

The concept of Danish Spring is now final!

The programme and classes of Danish Spring is now final. A great thanks to runners from the entire orienteering world for valuable input to our event. One result is that Men and Women Open Relays now comprise both the night and day relay – and will be won by the team with the best overall result. Full flexibility is provided, as competitors may run one nigth and one day leg on the same or different teams. Teams can also enter the nigth or day relay only. Runners from the other relay classes are also very welcome in the night relay. Besides Women Open and Men Open we will offer 2 youth and 2 adult classes for every beating relay heart!

Before the relays it’s time for the Middle distance Mass start Saturday afternoon. The two open elite classes with WRE status are completed with 4 classes with free entry. All of it within the idea of: “Run as you please”!

Read the details on the programme and classes in the menu “The Event”. The invitation will be prepared in November.

Welcome to DANISH SPRING – Chase & Relay weekend – 24.-25. March 2012!

Danish Spring Graphics released…..

The Danish Spring logo is here! And it’s “wild and intenste” – exactly as we intent Danish Spring to be. A great thanks to graphical designer  Tenna Nørgaard Landsperg, Tisvilde Hegn OK and, for her creative work and the graphical identity related. Keep an eye open and “meet” it in many shapes on web sites, advertisement, our great beach flags, on prizes etc etc.

Get part of the great Mass start – WRE and for all!

Marius Thrane Ødum, IFK Göteborg and OK Øst Birkerød

Take part in creating the greatest mass start of the spring season! Women and Men Elite will open Danish Spring with the WRE Mass start! And all other runners will get the same experience shortly after. Our successful Marius Thrane Ødum from the Danish Junior National Team and former national team member Michael Sørensen will be the course setters. With special focus on route choises and splits with map change they will challenge you in a fair and exiting individual competition, with mass start as the extra challenge in the fast terrain.

Tokkekøb and St. Dyrehave welcome you in March

On a fantastic day in October Tokkekøb Hegn and Store Dyrehave welcome you back in March. A temperature of 20 degrees and leaves on the trees – as this day – will get difficult in March 🙂 But we dare to promise you SNOWFREE terrain and hope for the same nice sunshine 🙂

Tokkekøb: Eng syd for Frederik VII
Tokkekøb Hegn and St Dyrehave, Oct 2011

Click on the picture to see the full gallery of the terrain for Danish Spring 2012.

Danish Spring – even more intense

The profile of Danish Spring is sharpened!  Now three exiting mass starts, comprising the WRE Mass start “Chase” Saturday afternoon, one intense open class in the Night Relay and finally the complete Day Relay as you know it from previous years of Spring Cup. The mass start in the afternoon also leaves you better time to get back to your accomodation or enjoy the atmosphere on the Danish Spring arena before the Night Relay. See the updated programme in The Event menu.

We will continously strive to develop Danish Spring – Chase and Relay Weekend – to become your intense and still easy international seasonal opening. Follow the development throughout the autumn here on our website and on Facebook.

Danish Spring – “Chase and Relay Weekend”

24.-25. March 2012 – in the former Spring Cup weekend – a new orienteering event is born.

24 hours with WRE Mass start, night relay and day relay for the world elite and everybody else! Possible to travel from Oslo or Stockholm on Saturday morning and be ready for the race in the afternoon!

Look forward to fast and exiting races in Store Dyrehave and Tokkekøb Hegn 30 km north of Copenhagen.

Make your club join the spirit of the relay season opening and get well prepared for Tiomila, Jukola and the rest of the Spring season!

OK Øst Birkerød looks forward to wish you a warm welcome!