DANISH SPRING Sprint, Middle and Long continues in 2015

The DANISH SPRING weekend 27-29 March 2015 will continue the three succesful individual competitions:

  • Friday 27 March 2015: Sprint race arranged by Allerød OK (competition area to be announced)
  • Saturday 28 March 2015: Middle distance race in Store Dyrehave
  • Sunday 29 March 2015: Long distance race in Store Dyrehave

See “Find us / embargoed areas” for information. Invitation/Bulletins can be expected in October 2014.

WRE applications will be submitted for the races.






Thank you for this year

Danish Spring 2014 is over. Many thanks for your participation and your positive feedback.

We hope to welcome you again in North Zealand in March 2015.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy photos, video and tracking from Helsingør and Tisvilde Hegn at the web page .

Instruction / Bulletin 2 updated

The bulletin is updated with the newest informations regarding:

  • GPS coordinates for parking
  • Detailed info for the sprint competition
  • “Diamond” at the Men Elite WRE course on long distance Sunday

During the competitions we will update you with live results, pictures etc on the web page and facebook.

Further to this we will have GPS tracking in the WRE classes, but only available after the last runner has started. More information – including list of runners that will carry GPS units will advertised in a separate news and at the event arena.

Startlists published

Now you can find startlists for all 3 days in the menu.

Please note that due the high number of entries some late entries/vacants will have start times earlier than “the official first start time”.

Note: There have been errors in the club start list for the sprint. This is now resolved. Therefore, if you’ve checked the club start list earlier than Saturday, please check it again!


Bulletin 2 available

Now you can find Bulletin 2 by choosing “Instruction” in the menu on the left sidebar.

Startlists will be published on 14th March 2014.

1920 entries for Danish Spring 2014

1920 entries made for the three races (443 at sprint, 753 at middle distance and 724 for the long distance). It’s still possible to make a late entry until 18 March 2014 for an extra charge of DKK 50 per start.


There are many opportunities for training in the days before Danish Spring. It also offers a regional night orienteering competition on Wednesday 19th just west of the Danish Spring terrain. Read all about training possibilities and recommended accomodation in the menu on the left sidebar.